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Can I put two or more cassettes on one CD? No, we can't combine 2 or more cassettes on one CD.It all or nothing Do you record 8 Tracks? No we don't do 8 track mainly due to the fact we have been unable to purchase a 8 track player that will allow us to record in good enough quality to meet our standard. How is a cassette broken into tracks? We use a special program to record each side of the cassette in 1 continuous track. Then we use another program to cut each track in individual files. All I want is the third track from side A, and then the last three song from side B Sorry, For tapes, it all or nothing. Do you listen to my records or keep a backup copy of it? The conversion system is entirely automated. We couldn't possibly listen to every record even if we wanted to. We will have to monitor your tapes during conversion. If there is a technical problem or we need to compare the digitized copy to the original, then we will play it again. We do keep a temporary backup record for 30 days after the date of shipment. This allows us to reconstruct them in the extremely rare event of their being lost or damaged during shipment. After 30 days, the backup is permanently deleted. What are the legalities of copying recordings? Copyright law generally allows for people to make digital backup of their analog recording like cassettes or records for their own personal use. However, you must legally won the cassette ou record in the first place and the program that is recorded on it. We know of no one who has had problems with this law while following the above conditions. Still if you fail to follow the avove conditions or are charges for violating coopyright law for any other reason (the law continues to change a little every year), we disclaim any legal responsibility for your violation. Do you do conversions for other countries other than Canada? No, because of problems with Customs. The cassettes will have to pass through Customs twice. Canada Customs will inspect the parcel coming to us and U.S. Customs (or other Countries), will do the same when we ship the cassettes back. Also they will probably be Duties and Taxes both ways. How long will it be before I get my cassettes and CD's back? Depending on how busy we are, most orders can be turned around within 2 weeks of receipt. We strive to get them out the door faster than this, if at all possible. What happens if the shipment is lost or damaged in transit? Shipping your cassettes is entirely your responsibility. We can not be responsible for any damage that may occur to them before we receive them. Damage to your cassettes and CD's during shipment back to you is our responsibility, if and only if it is the results of negligence on our part (if we pack the shipment improperly or send it to the wrong address). If you are concerned about damage or lost shipment, our suggestion is that you purchase insurance from the carrier (both way). Shipping cost both way is your responsibility.